3 Tips to Organise and Filter Data in Power BI

Power BI is a powerful analytics tool to get a complete view of your business health, go deeper into your critical data and make more informed decisions backed by strong KPI insights. If you are new to Power BI, using these tips can help you organise your data better.

1. Customise Your Visualisation

Power BI offers different options to customise data visualisations an dashboards with the charts, maps and visual elements that illustrate your business requirements the best. Access the formatting tab and choose your options from the visualisations panel.

Some of the customisation and data formatting options include the usual chart legend, text alignment, transparency, data colours and labels, shapes and styling, background. Different visual elements may have different formatting and editing options.

2. Use Slicers to Segment Data

Once you select the visualisations for your data, you can explore that data in more depth in the same panel, without having to create separate visualisations each time the filtering occurs. Using slicers helps users segment and filter data across all visualisations.

All visualisations synchronise and update instantly with every filter selection made, a process that would be otherwise time-consuming. Slicers can be used effectively to filter visualisations in real-time on multiple reports and dashboards.

3. Ask a Question

A major advantage of using Power BI as a data analytics tool is the built-in Q&A function based on artificial intelligence. This functionality allows users to ask relevant questions and receive answers via visualisations updates.

You can ask simple and non-technical questions in the Ask a Question Tab. The AI system gives potential question suggestions or interprets your questions by analysing data and delivering the required updates, much like a data analyst would do.

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