3 Ways to Collaborate Smarter in the Cloud with Office 365

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Teamwork, communication and collaboration are vital to the success of any organisation. The latest software tools make it easier for managers and employees to work and collaborate faster, smarter and more efficiently no matter the location, thanks to the cloud.

Here is how working in the cloud environment can benefit teamwork and why collaborative tools such as Office 365 can make a difference in your day-to-day activities.

1. Go Mobile/Expand Your Business

Moving your office to the cloud allows your business to broaden its reach, tapping into the evolving mobile workforce trend.

Cloud-based mobility enables teams to access company data and collaborate across various platforms and devices (Windows, Apple, Android), from any connected location, review documents on their preferred platform and easily switching between devices.

Office 365 integrates the popular Office applications with cloud storage OneDrive for Business, which allows your team to access documents from anywhere, on any device, making collaboration and sharing so much easier in a secure environment.

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Strategix cloud hosting solutions provides several attractive benefits for your company by enabling you to consume computer resources as a utility – just like electricity – rather than having to build and maintain IT infrastructures on-premise.  Extending into the cloud should expand your options without adding complexity allowing you to meet changing business needs with greater flexibility.


2. Synchronise Your Business Data

The main advantage of using cloud and mobile technology in your business is the ability to communicate and share information in real time with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Cloud-based applications synchronise all your data and communication across devices no matter the location: on site, at a client’s office, offsite in a remote location or perhaps in a different time zone or country altogether.

Synchronising your business data and processes through Office 365 means that everyone in the team can view the latest version and the most up-to-date content on all devices, saving considerable time and allowing your team to be more focused and responsive.

3. Meet, Share, and Collaborate Online

Cloud-based applications are ideal platforms to communicate, collaborate, share, brainstorm and especially conduct meetings, saving the business substantial time and money otherwise consumed with travel logistics.

Communication and collaboration tools like instant messaging and video conferencing make it easy to conduct productive meetings where all required members can participate from anywhere, without needing to travel in person.

Office 365 includes a variety of enterprise-grade security applications geared toward collaboration, from business social messaging tool Yammer to the collaborative notebook Microsoft OneNote ideal for sharing project information.

An important collaboration feature in Office 2016 and Office Online is real-time co-authoring, which makes it possible for team members to edit and contribute to documents at the same time.

The popular Skype for Business in Office 365 includes performant HD video, as well as Instant Messaging and presentation and sharing features to collaborate on documents or virtual whiteboards during meetings.

Office 365 integrates cloud, mobile and social technology solutions to make your business more collaborative and productive.

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