5 Challenges of Today’s Networking Infrastructure

Despite the technology influx, today’s networking still poses various challenges for IT administrators and executive leadership, but recognising these brings companies one step closer to the strategy shift networking needs from traditional to virtual.

1. Inflexibility

Working with networking resources, cloud complexity, scaling infrastructure up and down, and adding new branches to networks can take weeks or months of work due to network inflexibility and resistance to change.

2. Complexity

Increasing network complexity leads to poor and slow access to data on multiple devices from multiple locations, as well as challenges in the network configuration.

3. Unreliability

An unreliable network means significant network downtime, which affects business operations. According to Dynamic Markets’ network research, the majority of surveyed companies – 80 per cent – reported losses due to network downtime.

4. Troubleshooting

A poorly-appointed network configuration that lacks agility and automation poses extra challenges, as network managers have to manually configure devices and fix any issues, spending more time on troubleshooting than innovation.

5. Security

In traditional hardware-based networking, security is an additional element to the networking infrastructure, leaving a wider attack surface that poses significant security threats, as opposed to built-in security platforms.

Fortunately, new networking innovations can address the above challenges, providing an update, modern and flexible virtual network infrastructure.

Virtual cloud networking is a software-based networking approach to the entire system that enables IT to seamlessly connect users to data and apps wherever they reside, in the data centre, cloud, branch and on edge.

Networking innovation has not been as fast as cloud computing and mobile innovations, but virtual networking is set to drive the competitive edge businesses need to stay relevant in a cloud-centric environment.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

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