AI and consumer privacy concerns

AI has slowly become ingrained in all of our everyday lives, and we can’t image a world without it. AI has proved time and time again that it can help make our lives easier. From making personalised recommendations to automating workflows, AI has had a clear impact on everyone. But where is the line between making our lives easier and an invasion of our privacy?

People want to have personalised AI-driven experiences that cater to their unique needs while also respecting their privacy. This has, therefore, ignited a conversation about consumer privacy and AI. Find out how to address privacy concerns when it comes to AI:

Show you care about your customer’s data

Over the years, there have been some high profile data breaches. From Facebook to eBay, these data breaches have exposed millions of people; therefore, it is understandable why consumer privacy is such an important topic. Therefore, businesses need to remember that customers are as concerned about their data as companies are. To assure customers that their data will be safe with your company, you need to prove to them that you care about their data. Therefore your customers’ data must be handled carefully and with full transparency. You need to ensure that your customers trust you, and trust has to be earned. To do this you must clearly communicate the actions you are taking to protect their data as well as your policies.

Have an accessible privacy policy

Your privacy policy should be easily and readily accessible for every one of your customers. Because privacy policies are an extremely document it needs to be easy to understand for all consumers. Therefore, make sure that your privacy policy uses language that normal people use and not law jargon. Your consumer needs to understand what they are agreeing to.

Educate your customers on AI

While consumers are heavily dependant of AI for many things, they are not always aware that AI is making specific interactions possible. There are still many concern and fears that exist surrounding the subject of AI. The most effective way to calm peoples apprehensions about AI is to explain what it is and how your company is using it. If more consumers understood that the things they love such as personalised online experiences, voice assistants and self-driving cars all depend on AI to function as well as how AI works, they might not be so fearful of it and be able to appreciate its value.