An introduction to Live Presentations

At the beginning of 2020, Microsoft announced the new Live Presentation feature in PowerPoint. This feature allows you to present your PowerPoint presentation to anyone who has an internet connection. By using this feature, you can zoom in and out to important details, screenshot slides and interact with those you are presenting to in real-time.

A unique feature of these Live Presentations is that audience members can see a presentation on their personal devices and read live subtitles in the language of their choice while you are presenting. Audience members can also give feedback and send love reactions to the presenter. They also have control as they are able to navigate back to review previous slides.

Features of Microsoft’s Live Presentations include:

Sharable presentations

Share your presentations with anyone without having to worry about application or system compatibilities.


The presenter can give specific people the rights to make edits and changes to their presentation. They can change these rights at any given time. This means that multiple users can edit the presentation at the same time. The presenter and the users will be able to see who has made what edits in real-time.

Present remotely

With Live Presentations, you can give live presentations remotely, meaning not everyone has to be physically present to watch you present. You can make these remote presentations with built-in support for guided navigation and annotations.

Build high-quality presentations

Microsoft Live Presentations comes with a range of high-quality themes, animations and slide transitions allowing you to create a slick and professional presentation with ease.

Import and export old presentations

You can import presentations you made in PowerPoint into Live Presentations to edit them. Open office presentation formats as well as other formats, can also be imported in and exported out of Live Presentations.


Live Presentations are web-enabled in both browser and desktop modes. Therefore you can use web services like Flickr, Google Translate and Twitter to enhance your presentation.

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