Build a Digital Network Foundation for IoT

According to a Business Insider Intelligence report, investment in IoT is projected to reach $15 trillion by 2025, with no less than 55 billion connected IoT devices worldwide. IoT is no longer a luxury. It becomes an imperative for the modern organisations.

Organisations looking to maintain their competitive edge are eager to add IoT to their infrastructure – however, the risk of costly mistakes and failure still exists. It is why building a digital network foundation firsthand can help companies reap the IoT benefits they envision. Here are a few thoughts to begin the process in your business.

Start with an IoT business strategy

Implementing modern IoT, cloud and data analytics technologies requires a redesigning of existing organisational networking structures and processes and unhindered collaboration across organisational boundaries.

The successful execution of your IoT strategy requires top-down and senior executive support and preferably dedicated multidisciplinary teams that focus exclusively on IoT with the goal of bridging the required technical skills and business resources.

Unify collaboration across networks

Siloed business processes are not conducive to digital transformation and IoT. The new strategy will require to close the gaps between multiple business units, networks and departments to prepare for unified and advanced technologies.

Your organisations needs to plan strategically to close these gaps rapidly. Multidisciplinary teams can further assist with collaboration and dynamic data-driven business processes. IoT integration may also require new expertise and consulting capabilities.

Identify opportunities for IoT projects

Identify opportunities inside your organisation and build support for IoT projects that improve users’ experience and customer service. Think in terms of IoT-enabled assets, networking, products and services, and how to leverage company data to new heights.

Ask how IoT can improve business operations and streamline your networking requirements. For example, IoT infrastructure can assist in leveraging multiple data sources to create a more personalised interaction and better communication with clients.

Overall, your IoT strategy needs to adapt to organisational capability, culture and processes, while interconnectivity and collaboration help accelerate learning and innovation. It will also require a scalable and flexible networking infrastructure to begin with.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

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