Looking for a Reliable Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP)?

Take advantage of the best cloud support and license management with Strategix, your trusted Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP).
A CSP partner offers cloud computing services such as software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) to businesses or individuals. It provides your business with active support and license management.
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A Microsoft CSP Partner You Can Trust

With a CSP partner, you get the same products and services your business would normally use and purchase, without the stress and drain on IT resources. Focus on your business operations and being profitable instead of IT management issues.

Rather than managing your own IT infrastructure, you can purchase these services through a CSP who also handles your license subscriptions, including management, renewals and tech support.

With CSP support and license management, you will reduce costs and quickly adopt the latest cloud technologies without putting excessive stress on your IT management load. Plus, you can move and scale easily at your own pace.

Strategix provides your business with peace of mind thanks to our extensive cloud expertise as Microsoft CSP partners. We help you save further on your Microsoft licensing, which accounts for a significant portion of your IT budget.

Get the cloud infrastructure and technical support you deserve, at high performance and cost-effective price.
Strategix, your trusted Microsoft CSP Partner
A Cloud Partner with Value-added Benefits

At Strategix, we are qualified to be a CSP partner due to our cloud heritage, skilled cloud experts and support offering. Microsoft CSP partners offer value-added services, provide reliable support, customer management and a single, simplified bill for all their cloud services. Access a wider ecosystem of solutions and services through our Microsoft CSP partnership, and benefit from the value, skills and expertise we can bring to your solution. Manage licenses, ensure timely renewals, track installation and usage, and keep up with changes in licensing rules and regulations across different teams and departments.

Get a single, cost-effective and simplified bill for all your cloud services. Partner with Strategix to save further on your licensing needs. Save up to 10% on your Microsoft licenses.

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