Cloud Services

High-Performance Cloud
Hosting Powered by VMware

Accelerate and expand your business with VMware’s scalable network of
connected virtual machines (VMs) and cloud servers that host applications
and data resources. Get the cloud infrastructure you need – public, private
or hybrid – fully customisable and flexible enough to meet your
workload requirements.

Dynamic Load Balancing
Distribute resources equally
across hypervisors to maximise
VMs’ performance.

Fast Deployment
Provision and run VMs in
the cloud in minutes faster
than physical servers.

Live Migration
Automatically migrate virtual
machines across the cloud
without interruptions.

High Cost Savings
Save money and energy by
consolidating all your servers
in the cloud.

Secure, fast, and infinitely scalable cloud infrastructure. Powered by VMware network servers and cloud services. The best of cross-cloud architecture for fast-changing workloads.

VMware Public Cloud

Innovate and deploy secure IaaS in a scalable and
resilient multi-tenant public cloud hosting
environment. No need to maintain physical
servers and network infrastructure.

Private Cloud Hosting

Manage your data, apps and systems in the cloud
with single-tenant VMware cloud services or hosted
private clouds with an added layer of security.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Deliver high performance and scalability with
hybrid cloud ecosystems built on VMware IaaS.
Link dedicated servers, separate clouds, data
centres, and virtually any other infrastructure.

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