Cut Paper Wastage and Increase Productivity with DocuSign for Office 365

E-Signature solutions and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) functionalities are becoming increasingly popular worldwide to digitise business processes, enable faster transactions, and, importantly, reduce or eliminate paper wastage.

With the now possible DocuSign integration with Microsoft Office 365, it has never been easier to send and sign important documents directly within the various Office 365 applications: Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Flow, and Windows.

Enable Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Creating a sustainable and paperless environment has become a priority at the enterprise level. Companies adhere to various green policies to promote a better balance between daily workflow and the environment.

By integrating with the widely adopted Office 365 applications, DocuSign further contributes to keeping business digital, with the least impact on the environment, by eliminating the need for paper in the document signature process.

Streamline the Document Signature Process

A major plus in using DocuSign for Office 365 is the ability to sign documents and securely transact anywhere, anytime, on any device, at virtually no cost, a quick procedure that does not necessitate any printing, scanning, faxing or mailing for signature requests.

Customers can electronically sign directly from the familiar Office 365 apps they use every day, without having to switch apps for every document they receive, which results in a simplified workflow, increased transaction speed, better security, and great user convenience.

Enhance Productivity while Saving Time and Money

Digital transaction capabilities remain at the core of business transformation, by increasing productivity and transaction speed. The ease of doing business by eliminating timely procedures such as back-and-forth paper-based communication is a great advantage.

Eliminating the procedures that are usually associated with the signing of agreements and approvals e.g, scanning, printing, faxing, results in important long-term cost savings for companies and their customers.

Through a long-term strategic partnership with Microsoft, DocuSign has made its industry-leading eSignature apps and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) functionalities widely available to businesses and consumers from right within Microsoft applications.