Drill Through: Successful Data Reporting is in the Details

How deep can you drill through your data to reach the information and gather the insights that matter most to your business? We take a deeper look at Power BI’s Drill Through feature, now available for both desktop and mobile.

Gathering data is paramount to any business operation, but browsing and curating the data is even more relevant in a crowded marketplace. Business intelligence tools need to be capable of filtering through vast amounts of data, bring the relevant information to the surface, and package it ready for reporting.

In Microsoft’s Power BI, a feature called Drill Through allows users to create a guided, insight-gathering experience and add another layer of interactivity to their reports. Specifically, by using additional filters, each data point mentioned in the report can launch more information and reveal additional pages with data visualisations and charts.

Drill Through filters allow users to create a page in your report that provides details on a single entity such as a customer, manufacturer, product, or location. The new Drill Through page displays charts and other visualisations in context, new insights with additional levels of detail and relevant metrics.

The functionality allows for a deeper exploration of business insights via different categories, variables and business units, as well as the presentation of multiple perspectives drawn from the existing data.

Furthermore, Power BI users not only can extend information in presentation and reports by using the drilling feature but can also incorporate more charts, graph and data visualisation in their presentation and reports, knowing they will be displayed properly for both desktop and mobile displays.

Other recent updates to Power BI include mobile-optimised reporting, better accessibility on devices with high contrast mode, and new customisation options for organisation charts and custom visualisations.

Read more about Power BI’s Drill Through updates here.

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