Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Updates in 2020

The latest 2020 updates for the customer experience-focused apps within Dynamics 365, known as Wave 2, have been published last month. In this blog, we comb briefly through the most important releases in sales, marketing and customer service.

Dynamics 365 Sales

As expected, Dynamics 365 Sales gets a more simplified user experience with a host of improved AI-driven insights and new features. New additions include a mobile experience for sales teams on the go and the augmented reality (AR) preview feature, Product Visualize.

With Product Visualize, sellers can show products to customers directly within their Dynamics 365 Sales workflow. These product previews can be fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, too, so imagine those sales threads coming to life.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

There is no denying that the current global pandemic has further influenced the need for streamlined virtual events, webinars and online meetings. The updates for D365 Marketing reflect this direction with swift Microsoft Teams integration.

There is also the promise of a better and more personalised customer journey experience to benefit marketing teams. Think more capable AI insights, improved customer segmentation, and customised client communication (email), to name a few.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

There are several updates to the customer service application, including new ways for service agents and sales reps to deal with customer feedback and resolution. However, the significant improvements and integrations focus on Omnichannel for Customer Service.

The Omnichannel experience gets refreshed with productivity tools such as knowledge-based integration and real-time notifications and insights into the efficiency of customer service agents. The result is a more relevant engagement with customers across various marketing channels.

The Dynamics 365 Wave 2 release will come into effect from October 2020 until March 2021.

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