How BI can Help Improve Customer Relations

Far from just providing statistical data, analytics, and beautiful reports, business intelligence is a modern multi-faceted tool that can move your business forward and add value to your revenue growth, customer service, and employee productivity.

In this post, we focus on how BI can improve your organisation’s interaction with its customers. These business Intelligence strategies can make a visible difference in your relationship with customers, and your business performance.

Add BI to Customer-facing Services

A way to please customers who need the latest information is to inject real-time BI into customer-facing services, products and reports. Adding BI to this process increases the organisation’s value proposition.

BI enables businesses with analytics and real-time data, and it makes sense to update customers with this information rather than providing 24-hours outdated information. BI is not just for internal business use and can be expanded to benefit your clients.

Given that customers crave latest developments and new data, and businesses have the opportunity to implement systems that provide this info fast and accurate, we expect BI to have a critical impact on customer-facing services.

Use BI to Improve Customer Service

Business intelligence has many critical applications in improving customer loyalty and service. Real-time data analytics are vital in discerning what customers prefer regarding your offering, and what challenges clients report on a frequent basis.

BI can be successfully used to detect customer dissatisfaction and negative feedback to promptly redress the situation before it spreads virally – a must in today’s digital world where negative social media feedback spreads like wildfire.

Use BI to mine vital data about your customer behaviour, including info taken from product reviews, online mentions, call centre reports, social media trends around your brand and industry, and any other activities from platforms used by your audience.

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