How to ensure remote working is as productive as on-premise

COVID-19 is rapidly making its way through the bloodlines of Africa, but what is different about Africa compared to all the other continents is that we have a high rate of poverty, unemployment, lack of access to healthcare, and sanitation. Eyes are on Africa from all over the globe to see what actions we will take, and how fast it will spread. It is predicted, that once the virus gets to less wealthy areas, it will spread like wildfire, and thus be brought into all spheres of Africa.

Not only does this have dire health and mortality rate consequences, but also a huge impact on the economy – which is not something we can really afford. The common opinion here is that not many people have access to computers 24/7. However, 75% of the population of Africa does have access to a smart mobile device.

Additionally, employees working remotely can save an average of R333K per annum, and increase employee productivity by 22%, as well as decreasing employee turnover by 50%. So, all hope is not lost. You just have to ensure you use the correct software.

“How do I know that my staff are being productive if they work remotely?”

Microsoft 365 Business. This package includes Microsoft tools such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. With regards to access to data, you are able to create your own database apps with ease, in formats you choose with access – enabling you to aggregate and share data from various cloud databases and apps. On mobile phones and tablets, your employees are able to ‘attend’ meetings, edit documents and manage email. Your employees can log-in to Office Online on any computer and is able to edit, create and save documents, collaborate and share work with other employees in real-time.

OneDrive for business is the ‘home’ of all your data and files, which allows employees to organise, upload and share documents both internally and externally. Of course, files are private unless you share it with other people.

Employees can work together on projects in real-time online. Changes are tracked, and you can interact with your colleagues with Skype for Business. Furthermore, each employee is given a 50GB mailbox and is able to attach files up to 25MB, with the latest anti-spam and anti-malware protection integrated.

SharePoint allows you to share news, data, files and resources on the internet, improving and increasing cross-company information sharing, using interactive communication sites. Planner enables you to develop plans, organise and assign tasks, communicate what each member is working on and receive real-time updates on progress.

Communication, sharing of content amongst other tools make all work integrated and readily available, ensuring everybody is updated on business happenings and plans. These chats can be in groups, however many you would like and how big you would like, or one-on-one chats. With regards to meetings, Office 365 Business provides a platform for HD video, enabling employees to have internal and external meetings seamlessly. Not only is there this, but Microsoft Teams includes features such as desktop sharing, uploading of files, note-taking, scheduling assistance, and chat messaging. Lastly, Skype Meeting Broadcast enables you to manage webinars, presentations and meetings – internal or external.

These are only a few of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Business. It is an incredible solution to ensure that your business runs as usual, if not better, regardless of where you or your employees are.


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