How to Visualise and Analyse IoT Data

Businesses can make better decisions based on real-time data visualisation and stronger analytics. How can business translate and visualise IoT sensor data from production machinery to the boardroom?

Without data presentation tools, it would be practically impossible to interpret sensor readings coming from multiple data points and IOT-enabled equipment. These sensors represent vital raw data that needs to be used in the process of business processes automation and optimisation.

Connected devices are enhanced with temperature, moisture, light, motion, location and other types of sensors that stream data. This raw data needs to be filtered, analysed and managed effectively, becoming actionable data.

Insightful, actionable data enables IoT gadgets to automatically execute an action and send alert notifications to managers and users on demand and in real-time on any device – providing important feedback and speeding up business decisions.

Data needs to be displayed in an easy to use and efficient manner, enabling IT teams and management (even without IoT knowledge) to easily peruse it, identify and analyse trends, engage in faster reporting and strategic planning.

IoT analytics data can be accessed from a variety of screens and even via screenless user interfaces, and visualised in graphs, charts, and response triggers.

When businesses focus on this actionable data, they can manage information easier, make more informed decisions, and use the insights to improve operations and customer service continually.

Ultimately, the choice of data visualisation tool depends on business goals, customer base, target platform and types of sensor data needed for collection and analysis.

The Microsoft Power BI solution is designed to trace and visualise data gathered by a variety of sensors including temperature, sound, motion, location tags, and healthcare sensors. The platform works in sync with Azure cloud-based analytics and cognitive services.

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