Increase Productivity with These Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ons

Microsoft Office 365 is a great workplace productivity tool that can be further enhanced with a multitude of add-ons. Your team can automate a process and perform various tasks without leaving the application. The following add-ons can speed up tasks and save time.

Search the Web

Leaving the Office 365 app to do a separate web search in your browser can turn into a distraction. Minimise disruptions and focus on your task at hand with Search the Web, an add-on that lets you perform a standard Google search or Google Image search within a pane in any Office 365 app.


Streamline your time-consuming meeting scheduler in Office 365 with the FindTime add-on. This scheduling tool automatically locates open spaces in all participants’ schedules. Select several times and put them to a vote among attendees to find out the specific time the meeting suits everyone. The agreed time is automatically scheduled in your calendar.

Office Tabs

The Office Tabs add-on in allows you to open multiple files within the same window in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, just like a web browser with tabbed interfaces. There are various productivity gains: users can save, rename or close documents with a single click, and easily hide the extra taskbars to focus on the current single document if needed.

DocuSign for Outlook

With DocuSign e-signature solution for Outlook and Word, users can securely sign a document or have a recipient securely sign it. The paid service can also save all signed document automatically to Microsoft OneDrive if needed.


The Translator add-on relies on Microsoft’s Translator online service for its translations. Highlight text in your Office 365 document and automatically translate it from almost 50 languages without having to keep cutting and pasting text in a separate app or online service. The suggested translations can be edited before inserting them into the document.


Improve your writing, editing and proofreading for all your documents, from emails to reports, with the Grammarly add-on tool for Word and Outlook. This premium add-on comes with comprehensive grammar and spelling checks, and vocabulary and writing style suggestions, reducing the need for additional vocabulary and dictionary searches.


Search for professional stock photos and instantly drop them into your document or presentation without leaving the Office 365 platform with the Pexels add-on. Eliminate the need to use separate browsers or websites to find relevant photos for your project and speed up the process by saving your favourites and organising images in galleries for future use.

Office 365 integrates cloud, mobile, and social technology solutions to make your business more collaborative and productive.