Introducing Microsoft’s Family Safety App

Now more than ever, we all need to learn to work and learn remotely and more importantly stay connected. Throughout this global pandemic, Microsoft has been helping organisations, employees, teachers, parents and students discover tools and resources to assist them during this time.

Mircosoft’s mission is to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. In keeping with this mission, Microsoft has announced its rebranding of Office 365 consumer subscriptions, to Microsoft 365. This rebranding will add new features for the same price.

One of these new features is a Family Safety App. This app is designed to help you protect your family in regards to digital and physical safety.

This app has not yet been formally released. However, on the 11th of May, the app was launched for a free limited preview of the app on iOS and Android.

The features of this app include:

Activity reporting

This feature is used to develop healthy digital habits. Get information about your family’s activity online such as screen time, top websites visited and terms your children are searching for online. An email summary is sent every week to help facilitate healthy digital choices as well as to promote developing healthy online habits from a young age.

Screen time limits

Find a good screen time balance. Set screen time limits across Windows and Xbox devices. You can also set time limits for specific games and apps to ensure your children don’t spend their entire day on them. You have the choice to add more or less screen time based on what you think is right for your family.


Create a safe space for your children to explore online. Set boundaries and search filters in order to block any mature content you don’t want your children seeing. The app will notify you when your children are trying to download more mature apps or games from the Mircosoft store. This allows you to control what your children can and can’t see.

Location sharing

Locate your loved ones. Keep up-to-date on your loved ones whereabouts with location sharing. You can also save where they visit regularly for example, home, work or school.