IOT Field Notes: Whose Cloud is it Anyway? (Part 1)



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SVP & Chief Information Officer at IDEX Corporation


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The Strategix cloud hosting solution offerings provide you with the peace of mind that your businesses online infrastructure is secure, fast and infinitely scalable.  Our cloud server environments are hosted at sophisticated data centres, with the latest redundancies and security measures in place, providing the highest possible uptime, data security availability and automated disaster recovery.

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Of course, UBrewCo also takes the opportunity to dodge the bullet; they are just one of many systems installed in SipperCo’s plants. Clearly (says pragmatic UBrewCo), it makes sense for a more holistic, plant-wide monitoring solution. Why, just think how much more accurate the predictive maintenance will be, when it takes so many inputs from so many components and systems? Obviously, the ultimate solution will be the “SipperCloud”.

Hold on (says focused SipperCo) – we are in the business of making tasty beers for thirsty people. We would expect our asset management subcontractors to have a system like that – it just makes sense, as they are doing the same basic service – monitoring systems and providing maintenance across many different manufacturing platforms. In the end, revenue from services is the big driver here – so it makes sense that we are talking about the “WeFixCloud”.

Our services company will have a say as well – WeFixCo points out that they are just the end user of all of this equipment. This is all predicated on adding COGs to these components and systems (sensors and communications), and WeFixCo has little control over product companies and their engineering plans. We are happy to help with the requirements (says busy WeFixCo), as we deeply understand the impact – but we are clearly not the ones to build this thing.

You may have noticed, by the way, that I skipped over the dealers and distributors that work with ThermoCo and UBrewCo – that is a whole side conversation, another dimension to complicate things. To be sure, they are a critical component of the value chain – delivering service and training, and typically the critical conduit for replacement parts. Why not address the challenge with “DealerCloud”?

The challenge here is real; I’ve sketched this picture out a number of times, and each time it is met with nods of agreement – this is apparently an intractable challenge, an immovable obstacle, a traffic jam at a crossroads. Everyone seems to be waiting for the next person to make the move. And everyone has a solid reason why it makes sense for someone, anyone, other than themselves, to make that initial investment.

Can you see ways to break through? What is your take on this challenge – and how does this apply in your industry?

Join in the conversation in the comments below; I will let it run for a few days before publishing Part 2, talking about some of the next steps businesses are taking to get the ball rolling.

* Icon credits – all from The Noun Project (Thermometer by Aaron K. Kim, distillery by Evgeniy Artsebasov, Conical Fermenter by Mark Caron, Beer by NAMI A)

** The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this post are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture.

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