It’s Official: Productivity Moves to Office 365

Microsoft Office 2019 will be the last offline productivity suite available to businesses on a licencing system with the possibility of on-premises installation. The move is said to encourage companies to adopt the cloud-based productivity alternative Office 365.

Here is why it pays off to make the transition from on-premises Office to the successor cloud-based Office 365, sooner than later.

  • Unlike the on-site Office 2019 installation, Office 365 relies on remote servers to enable access from any device – laptop, smartphone, tablet – with an Internet
  • Office 365 enables all-time access to documents, cloud storage, real-time automatic updates and sharing, and better team collaboration for business. Although comprehensive, Office 2019 is not cloud-connected to offer these real-time benefits.
  • Office 365 is updated with new capabilities every month, while Office 2019 will no longer benefit from security updates, service packs additions, and technical support going

Office 365 features all the popular desktop applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint plus a host of new web enabled communication & collaboration tools such as Skype for Business, Yammer and OneDrive. You can access Office 365 anytime, anywhere on any device.

  • Users of the offline Office versions will still be able to utilise the productivity suite and its comprehensive functionality until the complete phase-out but will miss out on the latest updates and new regular features. For example, support for Office 2010 ends on October 13, 2020.
  • Office 365 is cost-effective and available on a monthly subscription per user basis, depending on the plans and functionality required. The solution is scalable for both SMEs and enterprises. Click here to view our Office 365 pricing plans.
  • Like it or not, Office 365 will become the only option to use popular Office tools such as Word, Excel or Outlook in the future, as Microsoft phases out the on-premise Office suite. Users of all offline Office versions (2010, 2019) are advised to switch directly to Office 365 before the end of the product support life.

Is your business transitioning to Office 365? Click here to find out more about its advantages.

Office 365 integrates cloud, mobile, and social technology solutions to make your business more collaborative and productive.

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