Main Challenges with BI and Visual Analytics Platforms

With most data analytics and business intelligence tools, getting insights out of business data is a complex process that has its ups and downs. Getting to know and overcome the most important challenges places your business one step ahead in the game.

Common Data Issues

Every BI solution has its challenges, and Microsoft’s Power BI is no different, although it;s user-friendly and intuitive interface does help smooth out some of these issues, and make the process easier to handle.

Good data preparation makes a huge difference, no matter the BI tool you are using. Common data-related problems include accurate cleansing, formatting and normalising data for analysis, which can become time-consuming, as well as mapping and logically relating this data.

Bear in mind that creating visual dashboards that leverage data sets to provide the desired insights at a glance takes some practice. The better the data set input, the more useful and relevant the analytics!

Migrating to Power BI

If your business is switching BI tools, for example, migrating to Power BI from another third-party analytics platform, proper change management is important. It concerns user adoption patterns, the existing dashboard solution, and the success of the data transfer/management.

Aside from potential data migration problems, consider that different dashboard tools have different functionality, and your new BI tool may use a different method to achieve similar results and match the data outputs.

Furthermore, take into account further integration with cloud environments, productivity office tools, and other third-party software. Migrating to Power BI does ease integration with Office 365 and Azure, which is an advantage.

Although an experienced data team should be able to deploy Power BI and perform the migration, a strategic partner can deploy the solution faster and smoother, minimising downtime and data errors, and getting your teams ready to dive straight into the insights!

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