Does your managed services company offer VMware consulting?

As a VMware Managed Services Provider, Strategix offers a suite of managed services to help you focus on your core business.
Looking for added support or expertise? VMware Managed Services Providers, or MSPs, have the unique expertise and ability to deliver complex solutions and provide IT systems management and support, giving you the freedom to focus on business instead of IT.
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Managed Services

With the severe shortage of qualified IT professionals in South Africa, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to retain their own staff, skill them up and to maintain their certifications is becoming increasingly more expensive and then to manage their leave without leaving the business at risk are a few of the many challenges.  Strategix provides Partners and Clients mutli skilled professionals across the VMware spectrum to alleviate these challenges. These managed services are performed either as a total Outsource, as a Service Level Agreement whereupon business can procure hours per month, or finally as a “When required” (Ad Hoc) basis.

Cloud based services offer great advantages such as greater collaboration between your workforce, automatic updates ensuring everyone is on the latest version available and more predictable IT expenditure.
Strategix, your VMware Partner Enterprise Solution Provider
A VMware Partner that delivers

Strategix Technology Solutions offers a suite of managed services to help you focus on your core business. Solution Architects will workshop custom projects that meet your needs, taking into account the specifics of your industry and business.

Our Managed Services portfolio gives organizations a flexible and affordable path to modernizing IT and deploy the latest technologies, safeguarded by the expertise of skilled professionals.

Our teams deliver:

  • Optimized operational spend, leveraging cloud and virtualization.
  • Improved application availability.
  • Exceptional monitoring and management of network/infrastructure assets, processes and capabilities.
  • Expert process orchestration and automation.
VMware recognizes Strategix Technology Solutions as a go-to solution provider that can deliver comprehensive VMware solutions and services to customers on the journey to cloud computing.

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