Managing Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Managing several different platforms in a multi-cloud deployment, integrating legacy systems with cloud-based services, and juggling business data in multiple environments comes with its technical challenges and difficulties.

Once organisations decide to transition to the cloud – most likely to accelerate digital innovations and be able to scale operations to meet market demands – potential hiccups are likely to appear.

A major challenge is deploying cloud platforms and services from multiple vendors, which becomes a complex process. Aside from selecting the optimal combination of cloud environments that meet specific needs, technical challenges in managing several platforms, each with its requirements, can make integration difficult to handle.

Adopting and using the proper tools in managing cloud infrastructure – IaaS, Paas, AaaS and SaaS – becomes even more important as organisations need to identify these across multiple clouds across different vendors.

Multi-cloud and hybrid ecosystems are more likely to be adopted by companies looking to safeguard data and ensure continuous business uptake, which adds to the complexity. Furthermore, managing cloud environments requires minimum operational downtime and no interruptions in productivity. Cloud infrastructure security is also paramount.

Companies lacking in-house tech skills to manage the cloud transformation process need specialised help and capabilities to transition to the cloud model without business pressures and faults.

A cloud services provider should assist with the delivery of integrated tools to monitor application deployment and health, and enable automation, high availability and scalability of business operations, and cover security and disaster recovery procedures.

It is highly recommended for organisations to find a strategic partner to help with the cloud complexity, infrastructure deployment, and also address IT skills shortages. Having a partner to assist your business with the migration and post-migration cloud headaches can make the difference between improved cloud performance and costly pitfalls.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the security, scalability and performance your business requires?

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