Taking notes is a normal and necessary part of meetings. With businesses around the world working from home, how are people meant to take these notes when they are conducting meetings on their laptops and computers? Microsoft Teams has just the feature to help businesses out. With the Teams’ meeting note feature, teams are able to jot down important notes during meetings being held on the Microsoft Teams application.

To access this feature before the meeting simply go to Calendar, select the meeting, and then select Chat with participants. Simply select the Meeting notes tab and start taking notes.

If you would like to begin taking notes during the meeting simply click on More options, Show meeting notes in the user’s meeting controls. If you have never taken notes before, select Start taking meeting notes.

You can view the notes taken during the meeting afterwards by visiting the channel where the meeting took place and select the Show notes in fullscreen option.

It is that easy.

Taking these notes before and during meetings as well as being able to access these notes has a huge range of benefits, including:

Minutes can be shared with those who couldn’t attend

It is important for a meeting, especially remote meetings, that only those needed are involved to limit any miscommunication. With Microsoft Teams, those who were not involved in the meeting will still be able to view the notes in order to keep up to date provided they have access to the relevant channel. This also saves people time, as they will not have to spend time attending unnecessary meetings.

Focus your meetings

By jotting down important points in a meeting ensures teams will stay focused on those points. Jotting down the points in a place where all the team members are able to see them makes them more ‘real’. This means that problems that are noted down will be given more attention. By acknowledging work well done and achievements in these notes will also show team members that result to matter and that hard work is recognised. This is a simple but effective way Microsoft Teams’ meeting notes function can optimise productivity within remote teams.

Improves communication

Miscommunication is the bain of any organisation, especially when its employees are all working from home. These meeting notes decreases the likelihood of miscommunication from taking place. This is due to the fact that notes on meetings do not disappear after the meeting is over; they are kept for teams to go back and review. This, therefore, ensures that tasks or decisions made are recorded in writing, therefore, reminding those in the meeting of what was discussed, what decisions were made and what needs to be done and by who.


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