Microsoft 365 – The Future of Office 365? Here is the Difference

While Microsoft is rumoured to be experimenting with re-branding Office 365 under the Microsoft 365 flagship (rumours denied), let’s have a look at the different subscription plans – Microsoft 365 versus Office 365.

In a nutshell, Microsoft 365 is a top-end subscription service that includes all the Office 365 apps and services plus device management and advanced security: Windows 10, Mobility and Security tools.

Below are some scenarios where Microsoft 365 can assist on top of Office 365 benefits:

  • If your business heavily relies on remote teams and employees using their own devices (BYOD) to frequently access business data
  • If you need to configure advanced security features and user setting for Windows 10 and mobile environments
  • If you need to clear data and remove sensitive information, mainly to avoid data breaches caused by lost or stolen devices.
  • If you need to enforce severe restrictions and apply additional policies to safeguard sensitive data against breaches, malware and mismanagement
  • If your business does not have any IT management team or support to contain data security and device management

As a result, Microsoft 365 Business differentiates through the advanced security configuration, capabilities and settings, which becomes an advantage in the above situations, and gives your business better control on device management.

The monthly Microsoft 365 subscription comparatively exceeds the Office 365 business costs. There are, however, valuable benefits for small businesses that do not have IT staff and support to manage remote access, devices and user restrictions.

So, is it worth to pay the difference for your business? If you are unsure of which solution fits best, it is advisable to consult an authorised Microsoft partner to discuss your options.

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