Microsoft: AI-led Customer Engagement Key to Sales Success

Sales needs to adopt a new hybrid sales model and focus on customer engagement to drive results in today’s complex environment. Success is highly dependant on the organisation’s ability to combine complex data, technology and people in a unified platform that supports the buyer-seller process.

An insightful article published in Forbes emphasises the outdated role of the traditional CRM approach to customer service. It says the focus needs to shift from linear sales management to seller empowerment through efficient customer engagement.

Microsoft’s research on the matter suggests a similar inclusion of an organisation’s sales strategy with a customer-centric model orchestration. Sales teams that put engagement first are 2.3 times more likely to achieve quota sales, according to the company.

Thankfully, the tools for sales and customer engagement success are already in motion. The customer’s digital journey can be deciphered through the intelligent use of big data analytics, machine learning, automation and orchestration – the latter being the fusion of data, technology and people to gain deeper insights into the buying process.

The new approach to AI-driven customer engagement to boost sales can be effectively arranged through employing the following actions:

  • Anticipate customer needs by using big data analytics and predictive learning tools
  • Personalise customer experience based on intelligent data
  • Streamline the sales process and client engagement through automation
  • Leverage multiple channels to engage customers where it suits them
  • Develop a holistic view of customers through effective system integration

This new approach to the sales cycle process derives unique insights and valuable customer interactions.

According to Microsoft, organisations are now better positioned to deliver at scale, authentic and personal customer engagements that today’s buyers demand.

The key is to think at a broader level and employ the right infrastructure to be able to pull and use data from multiple sources and take advantage of machine learning and intelligence.

Through the use of customer-centred tools such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365, data can be easily structured and managed across productivity tools (Office), collaboration (Skype/Yammer/Outlook), CRM, ERP, and social networks (LinkedIn integration).

The goal is to produce valuable customer engagement that enhances sales in the organisation.

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