Microsoft Office 365’s TimeSheet Reporter: The Ideal Time Tracking Solution

A time tracker follows employees through their daily tasks, monitoring how much time is spent on which tasks. This data is compiled into a report that can be analysed and used to identify ways to streamline time management and increase the employee’s – and thereby the company’s – efficiency, productivity and bottom line.

Tracking employee activity can help you to increase productivity and boost your business. The problem is that many, if not most, tracking solutions takes a lot of time to implement and populate, therefore killing productivity and defeating their own purpose. It also lowers employee morale and discourages compliance to the time-tracking system.

Microsoft Office 365 offers a TimeSheet Reporter solution that will make keeping track of time easier as it integrates many programs and applications, which usually are time-consuming to coordinate. As long as your time reporting software is compatible with Office 365, you’ll be saving a lot of time.

Instead of employees bogged down by time-consuming, intricate time sheets and juggling different platforms to do so, which eventually leads to non-compliance as it kills productivity rather than improving it, you need a time-tracking system that is simple, accessible, easy and quick to use and effective in reporting.

Microsoft Office’s TimeSheet Reporter offers the following benefits:

Reporting is easier and more convenient: Employees are already familiar with the look and feel of the software, which makes it more likely that they will comply to time-tracking. Data can be accessed and imported to a single location.

Reporting can be done anywhere at any time: Thanks to the Office 365 TimeSheet Reporter app, being able to track your own tasks for your boss’s benefit is something you can do on your phone wherever you are.

Reports are simple and easy to read: All reports follow the same template, so they have the same look and feel, and make interpretation simpler and faster.

Accurate customer billing: The improved turnaround time of reading in data makes this data more accurate, e.g. the time spent on a call-out. Billing is now more accurate and everyone wins.

Saves money: You don’t need to spend money on training for a new system and dealing with loss of revenue for these missed work days.

Improve productivity: Because the time spent on time-tracking is less, the employee can spend more time doing their actual jobs. More accurate reporting also means more accurate analysis and suggested improvements to time management.

Improve bottom line: Improved business operations and increased productivity, as well as happier employees who don’t struggle with an outdated, complicated system, means increased earnings for the company.

Can be downloaded on iOS devices: Available from the Apple store, this allows Apple users to make use of Microsoft Office 365 TimeSheet Reporter, with versions of the app for Windows and Android coming to the Google Play and Windows stores soon.

Keeping track of how employees spend their allocated time on tasks and projects can make a huge difference in a company’s bottom line. Microsoft Office 365 TimeSheet Reporter is an excellent solution to help you boost your business.