Migrating from G Suite to Office 365?

Make the transition easier from Google’s G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 with some careful planning by avoiding the common pitfalls associated with this migration.

Answering the following important questions is a good place to start to determine the type and scope of the migration.

Full Migration or Email-only?

Before starting the migration, determine exactly which type of data needs to be migrated from Google’s SaaS platform to Microsoft’s. Put simply, is your business going for a full-on migration, or just an email solution shift?

Many organisations migrate to Office 365 purely based on the email application, requiring a Gmail to Outlook and Exchange online migration, while still keeping their data stored and shared via popular third-party apps such as Dropbox, GoogleDocs or OpenOffice.

Google Apps or third-party apps?

It becomes then essential to determine if your migration is email solution-driven or not, as this will also show if additional data needs to be migrated from other third-party platforms as with the case above.

Is the data included in Google Apps only, or does it also need to be migrated from additional platforms? More often than not, organisations use various productivity, business and storage tools and other alternative software sources that integrate with G Suite. Ensure all this shared data gets entirely migrated to the Microsoft platform.

DIY Migration or Partner Migration?

Finally, take into account the complexity of your migration,  which can influence your decision to assign this important task. Is your business capable of DIY migration, or does it require an experienced managed service provider?

Several pitfalls and technical problems can happen with any type of migration, including loss of important data, which is why it is best to employ specialised help to assist with the proper migration process from G Suite to Office 365 and keep your data safe and intact.

Office 365 integrates cloud, mobile, and social technology solutions to make your business more collaborative and productive.