New Innovations in Personal Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation has significantly improved over the years as businesses look forward to managing their applications and optimise network resources through virtualisation, with a focus on automation, rapid app deployment and cloud solutions.

VMware’s newest versions of VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion virtualisation platforms, Workstation 15 and Fusion 11, feature new user interface improvements, expanded OS and hardware support, and an improved remote VMware vSphere view.

According to VMware, the latest enhancements provide IT developers and businesses alike with a seamless way to deliver, better protect and manage Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and applications on-premises or in the cloud.

Third-party Integration

Integration with third-party tools has become critical for businesses applications to enhance collaboration and performance. Virtualisation environments that integrate easily with modern development tools can lead to better automation and other improvements and additional support features.

VMware’s upgrades to its Workstation API enables developers to integrate with third-party tools and automate development, design and testing tasks. It allows developers to remotely and programmatically manage virtual machines (VM) running on VMware Workstation Pro and integrate with other automation tools for continuous development and testing.

User Interface Improvements

VMware Fusion Platform enhancements include new developer-oriented controls and user interface improvements. In addition to providing updated OS support, VMware Workstation 15 Pro and VMware Workstation 15 Player feature several user interface updates.

The new release offers an improved user interface experience on 4K and HiDPI displays, with new feature and product icons. Additionally, VMware Workstation 15 products now support a new DirectX 10.1 virtual graphics engine.

Remote Inventory Views

Running and accessing virtual machines includes leveraging new networking-oriented controls to program, assign and change virtual networks as needed, and seeing all VM inventory at a glance, which enables faster access to applications, allowing users to launch and control VMs with a click.

VMware’s latest upgrades include an improved remote vSphere view that gives access to all clusters and data centers, in addition to an inventory of all VMs, new application menu to help users quickly access VM inventory, launch applications and change settings, as well as better visibility into the remote environment’s host, cluster and datacenter organisation structure.

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