New to Cloud Computing? Here’s what you Should Know

With two Microsoft data centres set to open in South Africa in the coming year, it’s hard to ignore the fact that cloud is here (it has been for a while). While some remain hesitant it’s worth noting that given the state of technology today, it’s clear that when used in the right context, cloud computing and can be effectively leveraged with tangible benefits and real value.

If you’ve just decided to dip your toes in the cloud computing pool you may want to keep the nine tips in this three-part post in mind.

Take some time out to learn about cloud technologies

The only way you’re going to be able to tell whether the cloud is a suitable solution for your business is by learning as much as you can about cloud technologies and strategizing. Look at the pain points you want to address and assess whether a migration to the cloud will help be successful in easing these pain points.

Don’t assume the cloud is the answer to everything

Migrating to the cloud can probably fix most of your problems however you shouldn’t assume that everything needs to be moved to the cloud. Depending on the nature of your business it may be worthwhile to retain a few programs and files for efficiency, or perhaps for security reasons. Migration doesn’t have to be an instant process and hybrid models are popular with many businesses starting their cloud journey.

Don’t go it alone

Your move to the cloud should be handled by a seasoned professional (like us) to ensure that everything is operating as it should be. Many beginners assume that the move to the cloud is simply a matter of clicking through an app because there is no hardware involved however there’s more to your migration than meets the eye so get help.

Partner with a trusted cloud hosting service provider

Because of the rapid deployment of cloud finding a provider is fairly easy, just make sure you do your research; speak to companies you know who have made the move and find out who they’ve worked with. Get as many recommendations as possible and then make your decision. The Microsoft Trust Centre has plenty of examples of how their cloud solutions comply to standards globally, ensuring your data is secure, safe and never shared.

Get a custom solution

If you want your move to the cloud to be successful, you need a solution that talks to your businesses’ challenges. This means giving the one-size-fits-all approach the boot. If your cloud hosting partner doesn’t provide custom solutions it’s time to move on.

Look at the costs

Cost is something that cannot be ignored so before you migrate look at how much you are currently paying and compare that to the costs of migrating to the cloud. Ensure that you can move to the cloud if not don’t rush into anything you don’t want to risk your business’s solvency for a move to the cloud. With that said a move may seem costlier on paper but when you look at the benefits it may pay off in the long run.

Service your workplace regularly

Just because you’ve cut out the hardware with your cloud that does not mean you’ve cut out maintenance costs completely. Don’t neglect application performance management because the cloud needs support too. Make sure you budget for regular check-ups and maintenance to ensure that everything is still functioning as it should.

Train yourself and your staff

Remember that cloud computing is supposed to make everything easier so help things along with a little training for you and your staff members. Make sure everyone is acquainted with how things operate and equip them with the skills to handle any future developments because your move to the cloud has only just begun.

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