New to Microsoft Power BI: Multi-source Tailored Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI will get a fresh development from April with new apps and services that enable businesses to extract even better useful insights from big data. Here we look at the latest add-ons in Power BI.

Power BI Insights

Power BI Insights apps will service the needs of specific business departments, which cover marketing, sales, service, operations, HR and finance.

The reason behind these topical Insights is to tap into more growing data and third-party info than ever before and drive useful insights for every department. New data collected refer to transactions, financial and even professional networks (LinkedIn integration).

The Insights apps release will take place gradually, with Power BI for Sales Insights and Power BI for Service Insights previews already announced for April.

Power BI for Sales Insights extends the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales and offers a range of new services, with focus on customer relationships and interactions.

Data analysis takes into account transactions, client messaging, customer sentiment, as well as the frequency and type of customer interactions on email and social networks.

Common Data Service for Analytics

Also new to Power BI, Common Data Service for Analytics assists enterprises to integrate data from multiple sources and platforms by using pre-built connectors. Common data sources include Microsoft apps like Dynamics 365 and third-party apps such as Salesforce.

Power BI will also be able to capture and analyse data from other third-party services developed for specific industries, e.g. finance and insurance. Also, the new upgrades will allow a better app customisation to meet the specific requirements of businesses.

Overall, Power BI aims to evolve and unify data intelligence across a variety of Microsoft native platforms like Dynamics, Office, and third-party applications. The service is available in public preview and will be introduced later in the year.

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