Office 365 Expanded to Cater to Frontline Workers

Microsoft has recently launched a new app for Office 365 which is aimed at frontline workers, like those in retail, hospitality and manufacturing, who don’t typically have their own office desk or computer.

Microsoft StaffHub, a new application for Office 365, is set to cut out all the manual processes and outdated tools frontline workers often rely on to get their job done. The app will help workers manage their workday with features like schedule management, information sharing and the ability to connect to other work-related apps and resources.

Schedule management 

With the app managers can easily create, update and manage shift schedules for their team, streamlining what has been a labour-intensive process for the longest time. Employees have access to all their shift information and can easily swap shifts with others right from the mobile app.  This helps to resolve scheduling conflicts easily with requests routed to the manager for approval. All updates and notifications are automatically sent to the team.

Information sharing

StaffHub allows managers to distribute important information, like policy documents, news and videos, to their team quickly. The app provides a fast and reliable way to send quick messages to team member which comes in handy when you need to notify someone of an accident on site or that an important guest is arriving.  Employees can also send messages directly to each other or to an entire work group.

Connecting to other apps and resources

Most companies use multiple systems and tools to help manage their workforce, which is why Microsoft has announced that its StaffHub app will be able to connect to existing systems. Specifically, it will support connections to Kronos, a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions.

StaffHub is currently enabled for Office 365 customers with a K1, E1, E3 or E5 plan. Team managers can sign in at, and employees can download the app on iOS or Android.