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Pivotal to increasing productivity and reducing costs is our capacity to understand and transform your business. To deliver this we combine detailed analytics with good practice operational principles and change management services to help you understand and operate more efficiently.
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Operations Transformation Services

Many companies want to move to the cloud for all the existing motivational factors, including financial, however, not many know exactly “how to” and “who to” Once we have assessed the existing requirements and aligned with the future requirements, we can then assist with the transition to Cloud within the organization.  Once the Cloud strategy has been approved by Business, Networking, Security, DevOps and Infrastructure, our team will meet with Human Resources to assist with skill definition and roles and responsibilities.  We will engage with Finance to show the tools deployed to allow them to manage the costs and show the business where the costs are now being spent and why along with predictive analytics for future growth and budgeting.  Marketing is also a key area of focus to ensure the right message is portrayed internally as well as externally to your clients.  All of the above, using proven methodologies, enables a successful and smooth transition to the Cloud.

Strategix Technology Solutions can help make your IT infrastructure operation more efficient.
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Creating a nimble business, that is ready for change

Organisations are struggling to catch up to the demands of business, operations and their clients and citizens. Legacy systems, new technology, cloud, mobile, and security concerns combined with the need to just keep the lights on are stretching the IT organisation to the breaking point.

Balancing the innovation needs of the organisation and the care and feeding of the datacenter is the number one priority for IT. Becoming the technology utility sounds easy but in reality is a difficult undertaking with the generations of technology and isolated data. Organisations that conquer this balance gain a competitive advantage reducing cost and improving time to market.

  • How do IT organisations transform to support the new business priorities like client experience, knowing the customer, and self-service?
  • How much risk is too much in transformation?
  • Do you need to completely overhaul your datacenter to transform?

Strategix Technology Solutions helps you make sense of operational transformation. We partner with you to develop a priority-based strategy to enable innovation and systematically reducing the existing operation and maintenance overhead. Our clients have achieved significant cost savings and improved acceleration to meet the demands of operations.

We have the expertise to help enterprises of all sizes take on their greatest challenges. Let us show you how our products and services can help you change your processes to achieve better business results.

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