Optimise Sales with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud Integration

The new Dynamics 365 integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud will assist organisations in advancing their sales and marketing capabilities and optimise customer experience.

Continuing on Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Adobe to assist businesses with their digital transformation, Dynamics 365 will extend its CRM data capabilities to include Adobe’s cloud-enabled content management solution, Adobe Experience Management (part of Adobe Marketing Cloud).

The integration will combine Adobe’s rich marketing content and customer experience with Dynamics 365’s well-known sales and marketing capabilities to deliver a more collaborative and personalised approach to every phase of customer relationship and engagement.

The integration leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics for data-driven sales and marketing success.

Below are some important benefits of the Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience powerful integration:

  • Integrated and seamless workflow systems
  • Intelligent audience segmentation based on customer data
  • Enhanced collaboration and productivity
  • Personalised data-driven customer experience
  • BI-driven predictive customer behaviour analysis
  • Automated content personalisation
  • Consistent and efficient service delivery

The most significant output of the Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience partnership is the predictive analysis of customer intent and behaviour, which ultimately enhanced sales and marketing functions in the organisation.

Sales teams are finally able to understand their customers better and drive real value where it matters by delivering a seamless customer experience across platforms, while customers stand to benefit from a well-designed, personalised and consistent experience.

For more information about the integration, visit Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 solutions page.

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