Optimise Vendor Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an all-in-one business management solution to automate and streamline processes with the use of smart analytics, business intelligence and automated tasks processing.

In this blog, we showcase a few examples of its benefits for improved vendor management.

Automatic Vendor Payment

Business Central offers automated functionality for supplier payments (Accounts Payable/AP), which makes it easier to perform payments from the company to its suppliers. The functionality allows businesses to define the specific items most frequently imported or exported.

Business Central recognises specific items defined in the system, for example, paid invoices and items for delivery, and performs follow-up tasks accordingly to ensure speedy service delivery. Its built-in vendor functionality also adapts to company’s specific accounts management.

Smart Purchase Orders

Integrated business intelligence technology in Business Central analyses tasks, automates entries, and suggest connected processes that streamline order management. Repetitive actions involving vendors in the systems can be automated and optimised.

For example, when creating a purchase order to reorder a product from a vendor, Business Central will notify of other items from the same vendor about to be sold out, which can be added to the purchase order in the same time, saving extra invoicing and order time.

Fast Invoicing via Outlook

Creating, sending and posting invoices directly via email using Outlook, without jumping back and forth between applications, importing or exporting documents, or manually entering data, is possible with the integration of Business Central and Outlook.

For example, if the business receives queries, the system allows users to create and send back offers, or create an invoice accepted orders directly from Outlook. Most businesses have recurrent activities with previously defined vendors and clients and optimising repetitive orders and invoicing saves time that can be better allocated for more strategic purposes.

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