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Host Enterprise Data in the Cloud with Microsoft’s Local Data Centres

The two Microsoft data centres, officially launched in Johannesburg and Cape Town in March 2019, promised faster access to Microsoft’s data global network.

Can You Trust the Public Cloud?

The public cloud offers the advantages of efficiency, responsiveness and agility to enterprises in all industries.

VMware Cloud Foundation: Ready-to-Use Cloud Infrastructure for App Deployment

VMware Cloud Foundation combines ready-to-use infrastructure with line-of-business application deployment for business applications.

Overcome These Common Cloud Challenges

These two frequent issues can be tackled early-on: transitioning to multi-cloud and migrating existing apps to the cloud.

Manage and Optimise Cloud Expenses

One of the biggest challenges enterprises face when adopting the cloud model is cloud spending, for many reasons, some of which we explore.

3 Steps to Build a Multi-cloud Environment

Whatever the main reason for multi-cloud adoption, planning is non-negotiable to succeed in a multi-cloud environment. Here is how to start.

4 Reasons to Choose Cloud vs Edge Computing

Cloud or edge computing? Both approaches have strengths and weaknesses and represent a suitable choice for specific industries.

Managing Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Once organisations decide to transition to the cloud – most likely to accelerate digital innovations potential hiccups are likely to appear.

Cloud Evolution: From Data Hosting to Intelligence and PaaS

Technologies such as data analytics, BI, IoT and AI have been instrumental in streamlining business processes in the cloud. Read more here…