Overcome These Common Cloud Challenges

According to Forbes.com, the cloud will support 83% of enterprise workloads by 2020. As cloud adoption becomes mainstream, businesses need to prepare for the challenges brought by transitioning from on-premises infrastructure to cloud environments.

These two frequent issues can be tackled early-on: transitioning to multi-cloud and migrating existing apps to the cloud.

Working with Multi-Cloud Environments

Different business applications and operational requirements have led to an increase in cloud solutions and scalable options designed for SMEs to large enterprises.

The multi-cloud strategy works well to balance workloads, but it also poses challenges with multiple cloud vendors. Integration management, app synchronisation, cloud strength and security are common issues in a multi-cloud environment.

The most important thing to remember is to manage and maintain a proper cloud infrastructure that integrates all the functionality your business needs. Integrate cloud solutions from multiple vendors into one platform.

You may also have to redesign processes to accommodate multiple vendors and cloud solutions and oversee vendor relationships closely. A cloud technology partner with relevant skills and experience can assist with integration and multiple vendor challenges.

Migrating Existing Applications to the Cloud

Enterprises have two options in the cloud adoption journey: starting fresh with new cloud applications or migrating existing apps to the cloud.

The latter solution involves a new system implementation and configuration with its own set of headaches involving performance, synchronisation, security, budget, and operational requirements. App migration to the cloud is not an easy task.

Treat app migration to the cloud as a project with its own hassles, budget and time requirements. Identify early-on any migration-related requirements and potential issues. A good way to do this is to perform pre-migration testing to assess any trouble.

It is highly recommended to consult cloud service providers with expertise in app migration to speed up the process, leverage cloud know-how, and reduce the chances of failure.

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