Rental management with Mircosoft Dynamics 365

Due to the volatile and competitive nature of the rental industry, companies need to ensure that the technology they invest in meets their exact needs and delivers value to customers as well as their business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrated Rental Management Software is designed to meet specific requirements unique to the rental industry. It assists with the smooth running of rental businesses by giving a clear view of all current operational information in real-time, which ensures optimal performance.

This solution can be used to streamline processes for bulk or individual rental, subcontractor rentals rental cancellation, rental exchange and relocation between rental locations. The rental management software also helps to simplify guarantee and insurance management, order specific service and project services as well as skills and qualification management.

The benefits

The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamic 365’s Rental Management Solutions include:

  • A single platform that connects rental operations with other departments such as finance, sales, marketing and customer service. This improves efficiency and understanding.
  • Once-only input for rental, sales, administration, logistics and finance ensures all data is consistent.
  • The flexibility to choose applications that suit your business and allow it to grow at your own pace.
  • Seamless transfer of inventory assets to rental assets.
  • Complete integration with Office 365 and Power BI in order to streamline business processes.
  • The software allows for global management as it is able to operate as a multi-company, multi-lingual, multi-currency management solution.
  • User-friendly system with an intuitive interface.
  • Comprehensive management information gives users a variety of statistics for optimal control of all business activities.
  • Hosted on Microsoft’s cloud Azure, allowing for businesses agility and scalability.
  • Secure software due to Microsoft’s multi-layered cloud security.

By investing in the right financial and operational software ensures that rental companies are able to streamline and control business processes, therefore, making it possible for them to deliver better and faster service for customers.

Dynamics Rental Management is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


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