Secure Enterprise Data in Office 365 for Remote Workers

Cloud-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and Teams have increased in popularity following the coronavirus pandemic threat since the beginning of 2020. The nature of business has changed, and the move to flexible and remote work encouraged.

But there is another invisible threat prompted by the use of accessible cloud-based tools on devices: data security issues. Here are three ways to manage enterprise data security risk outside the traditional office.

Configure unmanaged devices

Remote work means employees can access Office 365 from any connected device – smartphone, tablet or laptop. While this enables workers to collaborate on any device conveniently, businesses run the risk of accessing sensitive data from unsecured devices. Ensure the right privacy and security controls are in place on the remote devices.

Administrators might want to disable the storage of sensitive data in the cloud, for example, or configure a new device to meet specific business requirements. Businesses should opt for a unified endpoint management (UEM) ecosystem to manage all devices involved – enterprise, mobile and client – from a central location to improve data security.

Secure email and data sharing tools

If employees are using Microsoft Teams chat room and Office 365 email to communicate with their teams, take extra precautions to protect data shared on these channels.

For example, admins can select which kind of data can be transmitted and received to avoid the unwarranted share of confidential information, or set up policies to hide or delete such information. Similarly, one can prevent unauthorised or external users from accessing Teams chats.

Restrict and monitor user access

The easiest way to handle data securely is to monitor employee access and look out for the red flags in everyday data accessing and user behaviour. Monitoring and restricting user access are critical in preventing unwanted data leaks and fending off cyberattacks.

For example, administrators can enforce a multi-level policy for specific sets of data. They can restrict access for a particular group of employees, identify improper data entry points, limit the downloading or uploading of higher than average amounts of data, and detect suspicious logging from unusual locations.

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