The Benefits of Cloud Hosting in a Small Businesses Part 1

Hosting your data in the cloud has become business-as-usual for most companies, but understandably there are still some business owners out there who maintain the status quo of keeping everything in-house and on their own physical server. Whether this is because you do not fully trust digital technology or simply feel your business is too small for the cloud or doesn’t need it – read on to see why cloud hosting is the future and what it can do for your business, however big or small.

Accessibility: Hosting your data in the cloud means it is accessible 24-7; you can access all the programs and information you need wherever you are as long as you have internet connectivity, making it possible to do business whenever you need to.

Flexibility: Because you and your team have 24-7 access from wherever you are, working flexitime is possible. Long considered an undervalued perk, according to research 42% of workers would swap a portion of their pay for the ability to work flexitime – on average a 6% pay cut.

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Strategix cloud hosting solutions provides several attractive benefits for your company by enabling you to consume computer resources as a utility – just like electricity – rather than having to build and maintain IT infrastructures on-premise.  Extending into the cloud should expand your options without adding complexity allowing you to meet changing business needs with greater flexibility.

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Better collaboration: Your teams are no longer bound by the need to be in the same physical location in order to share ideas and data – they can access all data from anywhere at any time, and programs like Skype for Business, Yammer and SharePoint enable the easy real-time sharing and interaction required for a strong team effort.

Less capital expenditure: With the server in the cloud, along with all the software applications and programs you use, you don’t have to spend capital on buying a server and maintaining it as well as its software, improving your cashflow.

Reduce operational costs: Because you don’t need a server and dedicated temperature-controlled server room any more, you pay less for electricity. You also save money as you need to employ fewer IT technicians; alternatively, they have more time read up on IT strategy and innovation.

Read on for more on how cloud hosting can be of benefit for your small business in parts 2 and 3 of this blog.

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, cloud hosting is guaranteed to make running your business easier and more productive.

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