The Importance of Multichannel Marketing in Successful CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management, sellers and marketers need to work more closely together to seamlessly and successfully engage with customers. This engagement and interaction should provide you with the solutions that can deliver amazing customer experiences and drive greater success.

In order to provide and create opportunities to engage with your customers, you need to be where they are. You must identify their needs and habits, and make sure you are there to fulfil them. Your customers are not all going to be partial to the same communication platforms, which is why establishing a multichannel marketing platform has become so important with all the advances in communications technology.

Your multichannel marketing platform needs to include the necessary processes and technology to support campaign management (segmentation, workflow creation and campaign execution), advanced analytics (including predictive analytics and campaign optimisation), advanced execution (content management, event triggering, real-time decision making and next-best-offer management for both inbound and outbound marketing programmes), response attribution (including the ability to perform marketing mix optimisation, scenario planning and marketing attribution analysis) and digital marketing to expand marketing beyond the traditional platforms to newer platforms such as email, Facebook, websites, etc.

Multichannel marketing allows you to integrate your established, traditional channels with the more modern, technologically driven channels. You can then combine these to form cross-channel campaigns that can be replicated across all the platforms or channels, given some minor tweaks and adaptations, increasing your hit rate when it comes to meeting and engaging with your customers on their turf, where they feel more relaxed and therefore more open to your product or service offering. It is literally the very thing every marketer dreams of: reaching the right person at the right time in the right place with the right product, without exorbitant costs and extensive marketing that eventually proves to be cost and time inefficient.

Your customers know more than ever before – making buying decisions before you even engage with them. Your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey – building deeper relationships with customers and personalising every interaction. And the only way to do so is over multichannel marketing to ensure your reach the customer at the right place.