The Powerful Benefits of Power BI

With so many business intelligence and visual analytics tools on the market, organisations are finding it difficult to choose the optimal platform for their business operations. Chances are you have already heard of Microsoft’s self-service analytics and dashboarding tool, Power BI.

Your transition to BI functionality can be easier if you consider the following points and business scenarios, and how Power BI can seriously benefit your operations:

Integration with Office 365

Power BI Pro is included in the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 licence. If your business makes use of the enterprise licence and Office 365 tools, your business has already access to a powerful BI and visual analytics tool.

Power BI integrates easily across the Office 365 board – for example, into project management and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams. It means your teams do not require to purchase and install third-party analytics tools.

Migration to Microsoft Azure

If your business is migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure, leverage this transition further and gain business intelligence functionality with Power BI. Power BI’s integration with the Azure cloud platform provides some very useful value-adds that other tools might not deliver.

Organisations have access to AI and computer learning via Microsoft Azure, live updates and data ingestion capabilities using Azure Stream Analytics, and direct query to Azure-based resources (e.g., Azure SQL Server or Analysis Services). Thanks to Power BI’s link to Azure, data sharing is fast and simple.


A major benefit for Power BI users is the price point. SMEs, lower-tier and mid-market organisations can also subscribe to Power BI Pro – not just the enterprise-level players. While the Power BI desktop app is free for anyone to use, the Pro version is affordable at only $9.99 per user, which is much lower than most third-party alternatives.

Ongoing Development

Finally, a monthly release cycle with regular updates, as opposed to typical biannually updates, makes Power BI a great contender for an up-to-date analytics solution that does not break the budget, and constantly improves its functionality to meet business expectations.

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