This year is set to be a major year for cloud computing as adoption grows, service provision changes and the emergence of true cloud architecture according to Cloud Computing News. The publication has identified three major trends that will define cloud in 2017.

SMB’s drive cloud adoption

When it comes to small and medium business cloud presents a cost-effective opportunity to utilise the services they are not able to afford in-house. It is also the easiest and scalable market demographic for service providers to drive sales which is why SMB’s will be the driving force behind cloud adoption this year.

According to publication, the adoption of solutions like Microsoft Office 365 will drive the cloud adoption by SMBs in the next 12-18 months because provides the same functionality of what everybody is used to in a classical office infrastructure sense, except there is no need to buy hardware or purchase licensing for the entire server.

Traditional distributors give way to cloud service providers

The classical distribution model, which involves moving physical boxes of hardware and software to provide service to customers, is rapidly changing shape according to Cloud Computing News. To stay in the game, traditional distributors are turning their focus from physical goods onto service provision.

“This will create a completely new trend where cloud services will be more predominant and focused on the traditional distribution channels. When choosing a cloud vendor, service providers will be giving preferences to services that come with easy management, integration, and flexible on boarding tools.”

True cloud architecture emerges

In the next 12-18 months there will be a strong trend toward creating a true cloud architecture, which will become the foundation of the cloud industry. This is very different from just provisioning individual services to individual customers. Now it’s all about the management and service delivery layer that sits on top of the actual commodity cloud services.

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