Transitioning to the More Agile Dynamics 365 Suite

If your business is using an older Microsoft NAV or AX implementation to manage its business processes, transitioning to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 suite may seem like a big leap, but it has its inherent benefits.

The Cloud Journey

The advantages of a cloud environment for your business requirements are hard to ignore. If you are considering upgrading your Dynamics NAV or AX platform, you are facing two choices: continue with an on-premise instalment or transition to the cloud.

In reality, embracing the cloud is the only long-term solution for your business management needs. Microsoft’s mainstream support for older ERP versions, such as AX 2009 and 2012, is likely to come to an end. Organisations can rely on the same stable ERP functionality with the more integrative and flexible Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

Similarly, small businesses running NAV will no longer have an on-premise NAV upgrade and successor available. Dynamics 365 Business Central, while geared towards SMEs, includes  the ERP functionality one can expect from NAV in an easy-to-use progressive platform.

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your company to leverage the cloud advantages and continue to benefit from Microsoft security upgrades, resources, updates, additional features and innovative technology (think artificial intelligence).


Upgrading to Dynamics 365 may become a difficult decision for companies who have already made significant investments in on-premise NAX or AX software. Choosing to upgrade should take into consideration the benefits of the cloud journey, the data migration and the value-add in making the move, including a more cost-effective subscription model.

When it comes to migration, secure data integration with the previous solution is an advantage. There are various arguments for transitioning to Dynamics 365, including the seamless integration with project management and business intelligence tools PowerApps and Office 365, and the possibility of data sourcing with other third-party apps and tools.

If your company values mobility, accessibility and user experience, Dynamics 365 can easily extend to mobile devices and web-based interfaces to provide a unified experience. You can leverage a cloud-based tool like Business Central as an innovative and integral business hub that unifies all company data and makes collaboration more accessible.

The bottom line: if your business values agility, fast time-to-market and cost-effectiveness, cloud-based ERP software is the most probable answer.

Transform your business with an accessible, flexible, fast and user-friendly ERP solution. 

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