What is the USSD code for …? Part 2: MTN

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Welcome to the second article in our series about the most popular USSD codes of South Africa’s main cellphone service providers. A quick recap on USSD codes:

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a protocol used by the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications cellphones to communicate with service providers’ computers. If you have ever topped up with airtime by dialling that “*100# “number, then you have used USSD. It offers a simple browsing experience through a menu system on your mobile device.

Latest research shows that an average of 80% of South Africans living in urban areas and 94% of South Africans living in the more remote rural areas have pre-paid accounts which gives a good indication of how a USSD service can add value. USSD is supported by all handsets and networks and requires no internet connection or application to be installed.


Transfer airtime: *141*6328* recipient’s cellphone number * rand amount #

Request airtime transfer from a friend: *141*6328* number of the person sending you airtime #

Buy or transfer airtime, SMS and Internet bundles for a friend on MTN: *141*2#

Change MTN price plan or tariff: *141*4#

Check remaining balances: *141#

Recharge airtime: *141* recharge voucher pin #

Purchase data bundles: *141*6#

Deactivate an uncapped data bundle: *141*5#

Check 141 loyalty points programme: *141* 9* your ID number #

International call rates: Dial *111*2#

Send a callback: *121* recipient’s number #

Check your cell number: *123*888#

Request MMS settings: *123*12#

Set up WAP/GPRS/Internet: *123*12#

Register Eazi recharge: *141*10#

MTN Compass: *120*555#

Activate BIS: *141*2#

Cancel a recurring bundle: *141*5#

Parental control: *101#

Play Lotto: *120#3777#

Mobile money: *120*668#

WhereRU service: *120*911#

Activate CallerTunez: *123*5#

Check zone discounts: *135#

Self-service menu: *141*0#

Directory enquiries: *200#

Cancel a mobile content subscription (WASP): *141*5#

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