VMware Accelerates Native Public Cloud Adoption

Native public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or IBM Cloud are becoming critical to the digital future of organisations worldwide and their cloud transformation.

As organisations adopt and leverage native public clouds to run more applications, cloud services providers known for bringing consistent infrastructure and operations to private and hybrid clouds have adapted to support the native public cloud environment.

One such company, VMware has emerged as an indispensable partner to IT organisations on the journey to the native public cloud, by providing major integrations and tools to enable continued support and innovation for public cloud platforms.

VMware is adding value to both clouds based on its own VMware Cloud infrastructure and public cloud environment as part of their strategy, according to Milin Desai, general manager of VMware Cloud Services.

As IT transitions to public and managed clouds as a destination for applications, it becomes important to choose whichever cloud environment best meets specific business needs. This decision can include extending existing workloads to a hybrid cloud, natively operating workloads in a public cloud, and securing workloads in a multi-cloud environment.

Ideally, organisations are looking at being able to run applications successfully in the cloud environment of their choice, and make use of cloud services in a multi-cloud setup, a reality acknowledged by VMware.

For enterprises transitioning to native cloud environments, VMware has architected and engineered new ways to facilitate the adoption and usage of public clouds.

For example, it has extended the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) to the public clouds through cloud partnerships that include Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, and introduced a cloud-scale metrics collection platform, Waveform, with integration tools for app development teams.

Overall, the focus on native public cloud has called for better solutions that help manage, secure and operate applications running in this environment, as well as a greater understanding of the primary use cases and concerns emerging as a result of its adoption and usage.

For VMware and other cloud solutions providers, the native public cloud is an unprecedented opportunity to peruse existing applications or build new apps in a different ecosystem working on community-based frameworks.

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