VMware Boosts Virtualisation Management Tools for Hybrid Cloud

As more enterprises leverage the hybrid cloud, virtualisation solution provider VMWare continues to build up support and updates to enable a seamless cloud experience. The latest releases of vSphere and vSAN focus on better hybrid cloud integration and management.

The new releases of VMware’s vSphere and vSAN – VMware’s hypervisor and virtualisation management platform, and its virtual storage area network – target hybrid environments with the aim of improving security, application support and the overall user experience.

With vSphere 6.7, admins and network managers will be able to improve security for their virtualisation process, accommodate new applications and provide a faster cloud experience – significantly twice the performance of VSphere 6.5 measured in operations per second in the vCenter Server Appliance.

Other advantages of the newly upgraded virtualisation platform include powerful encryption, resuming capabilities, as well as the reduction of the entire network rebooting process to one cycle by overriding the hardware initialisation steps.

The streamlining allows significant extra time for implementing hybrid security measures while boosting network performance and reducing end-user disruption.

Furthermore, protection and security measures are extended to both the network hypervisor which runs the virtual machines and the guest who operates the system, preventing any unauthorised access and enhanced safety protocols for virtual machines.

The biggest gain in VMware’s latest virtualisation management tool is the integration among various on-premises, native public and hybrid cloud environments – which explains the emphasis on security policies. Also, the updated virtual storage area network, vSAN 6.7, provides support for multi Windows Server environments.

Network managers and clients can view and process different version of the vSphere virtualisation management tool via the vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode while benefiting from a more user-friendly and unified interface with HTML5 client support.

VMWare’s latest releases vSphere 6.7 and vSAN 6.7 will be available commercially from May 2018. Get more information about VMware’s latest releases here.

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