VMware Cloud on AWS Goes Global

South African companies will soon be able to leverage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure through the VMware’s updated cloud management tools for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

The VMware Cloud on AWS platform has been extended to Europe, in UK and Germany, and has seen increasing demand from global organisations and multi-national enterprises in the configuration hybrid cloud services fit for global expansion.

By making VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) available in Europe, the company is also bringing the service closer to other regions, for example, South Africa.

The hybrid cloud model with VMware and VMware Cloud on AWS is a key component of the technology and business transformation in organisations. It enables customers to work seamlessly with hybrid clouds and multiple clouds, and manage them from a single interface, which will enhance analytics and user behaviour.

The system allows businesses to easily move workloads between its private cloud and the public cloud, providing agility for production services and disaster recovery. The flexibility of multi-cloud environments means that businesses can easily mitigate security risks.

Companies can develop any type of application to the cloud and any device through VMware Cloud, and keep a consistent infrastructure across cloud environments.

VMware and AWS also enable system integrator and system outsourcer (SISO) partners, managed service providers, and solutions providers to grow their cloud business and help their customers realise the full benefits of hybrid cloud.

Although AWS does not have datacentre presence and cloud infrastructure in South Africa, the AWS cloud service can be accessed via partner programs, such as the VMware Cloud Provider Programme, according to Ian Jansen van Rensburg, senior systems engineering manager at VMware Sub-Saharan Africa.

Organisations can leverage the power of AWS cloud with VMware in the country as long as they are legally allowed to expand data access beyond the country’s boundaries.

Customers need to support both new and existing applications following their digital transformation process, which is ultimately driving massive cloud adoption locally, and the use of multi-cloud and hybrid solutions.

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