Is your oganisation prepared for a digital transformation?

It’s time to implement new solutions to help you tackle immediate challenges, and prepare for what’s next.
Many clients use VMware technologies within their environments, however, many are not maximising their investments. Our goal is to align Business goals with technology. Once our consultants have a good understanding of the business needs and drives, they can then design a roadmap, creating better utilization of the tools at hand as well as securing the initial and future investments.
Strategix Technology Solutions is here to help
Maximise the value of your
VMware Enterprise License Agreement

Whether you are optimizing your virtual infrastructures, considering new end user computing solutions or deploying your cloud environment, Strategix Technology Solutions provides the skills, experience, and education to help you realize success – enabling you to quickly reap business value from your VMware investment.

We transfer skills to enable you to manage and leverage your VMware solution over time - long after your services engagement is complete.
Strategix, your VMware Partner Enterprise Solution Provider
A Solid Foundation For The Future Of Your Organisation

We help you:

  • Accelerate business breakthroughs by operationalizing technology innovations at scale to deliver measurable business impact.
  • Improve IT customer satisfaction by augmenting your staff with skilled personnel, additional bandwidth and best practice insights that improve time-to-project completion, operational reliability and efficiency.
  • Empower your IT organization by transferring hands-on technical and operational knowledge that builds the self-sufficiency of your team.
  • Reduce costs and maximize the return on your VMware investment by taking full advantage of the capabilities offered by our platform, solutions and services.
We work with you to convert technology-driven possibilities into results - positive, tangible and material to IT and your business.

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