VMworld 2019: Focus on Multi-cloud, Containers and Cloud Security

At the VMworld, data centre virtualisation provider VMware has revealed its new strategies for the year ahead following the latest company acquisitions. Companies can expect to see more multi-cloud deployments, an inclusion of containers and network security expansions.

Going multi-cloud 

More organisations find value in transitioning to a multi-cloud, hybrid environment. This means running multiple clouds in diverse environments and making use of the public cloud. With integrations with Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM and Google Cloud, companies can leverage the software-defined data centre powered by extensive cloud support.

For example, enterprises can use the VMware Cloud supported by Microsoft’s Azure architecture to benefit from a robust and scalable hybrid cloud model. According to VMware, the goal is to deliver any cloud, for any application, for any device.

End-to-end app management 

Organisations are increasingly running applications in the cloud, requiring a suitable software-driven infrastructure with seamless integration. Ultimately, businesses will want to be able to run and manage apps on any cloud, in any environment.

With the move to Kubernetes and the new acquisition of Pivotal, VMware has positioned itself to embrace container and software development tools to integrate and complement its infrastructure development and application support.

Companies will have access to enterprise-scale applications development platforms and services beyond initial hypervisor and server virtualisation. The implication of this offer is the ability to support, build and run apps on any of the cloud environment required.

Cloud security 

Cloud security is becoming a critical aspect of cloud implementation, specifically considering the integration of network servers, multiple workloads, endpoint and devices. Protecting infrastructure from the cloud to the endpoint requires comprehensive cloud security.

Companies should include cloud security tools into their infrastructure management. VMware has integrated a new acquisition, Carbon Black, to better address security over all clouds, servers, workloads, and network endpoints. Organisations already using the VMware ecosystem will be able to make use of sophisticated, unified cloud and network security.

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