What is conversational AI

As our world becomes more advanced and more reliant on digital technology, conversational AI is slowly becoming ingrained into our everyday lives. This technology is designed for communication between humans and technology in order to aid in making tasks simpler and more efficient.

Conversational AI is a set of technologies that enable computers to simulate real conversations. This type of AI has taken off in the last couple of years with the introduction of messaging apps, speech-based assistants, like Siri and Google Assist, and chatbots. These innovations have allowed businesses to automate communication and create personalised customer experiences. Conversational  AI is becoming the new medium for interactive conversations.

The benefits of conversational AI

Time and cost-effective

Conversational AI allows businesses to be available for support 24/7. Chatbots are able to handle simple requests which therefore allows customer service representatives to handle more complex requests or complaints quickly; therefore ensuring all customer interactions are resolved quickly. This is a huge benefit for businesses, as customer care is an expensive operating cost; therefore utilising chatbots helps to decrease customer care costs.


By using machine learning, chatbots are able to use personalised data such as location, preferences and account history for each individual customer. This allows the chatbot to provide relevant information to individual people as well as recommend the next steps to take based on what the customer wants.


Companies are constantly evolving, upscaling and downscaling. Therefore they need to ensure that their business processes can evolve and scale with the business. Chatbots are able to do just that; they are easy to scale. As your business needs evolve, more digital assistants can be implemented to handle various tasks.

Reaching new customers

Using conversational AI on social media platforms such as Facebook allows businesses to be ‘online’ all the time. Being continuously active on social media platforms enables companies to reach new customers who otherwise may not reach out to the company over email or by calling. It also opens the company up to a new audience of younger customers. As social media is widely used by millennials and the following generations, brands need to ensure they are utilising social media platforms to reach these customers. Conversational AI applications are a great way to remain active and available to this particular audience.