What is Your Top Challenge with CRM Software?

If you have used a CRM solution in the past, chances are you are aware of challenges such as poor data integration, complicated configuration and costly implementation.

In many cases, CRM solutions are perceived to be difficult, sluggish, or confusing, costing companies significant financial and operational resources to make it work and maintain as the company, and its customer base continues to grow.

In an international survey of 500 small and medium-sized businesses dealing with CRM software, the top challenges identified were as follows:

  • Time-consuming to enter and update data (46,5%)
  • Too expensive (30,6%)
  • Too hard to learn (27,6%)
  • Not enough support from vendors (16,1%)
  • Hard to configure and set up (14,7%)

The majority of SMB agreed that the biggest challenge for customer relationship management is manual and time-consuming data entry. Fortunately, this issue can be addressed with next-generation CRM tools that incorporate advanced automation algorithms and AI functionality for customer data collection and integration.

Advanced Automation and AI Integration

If customer data updating and maintenance is a significant concern in your company, consider user-friendly software such as the Dynamics 365 CRM platform that allows easy integration with existing client databases – whether via email, Excel databases, or even social media networks!

Pre-existing templates and app integration with your CRM system can save your business time and human resources in handling and tracking customer data, helping with streamlining customer service as clean customer data is fed regularly into the system.

Modern CRM tools should provide advanced data analytics and AI capabilities such as conversational bots to further engage with customers and learn their purchasing behaviour and preferences. In time, these become less predictable, depending on the data frequency and information accuracy. Also, AI-driven insights and business intelligence better support the sales process and increase closure rates to drive more revenue.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM empowers sales and marketing teams to engage more customers across multiple channels, by leveraging cost-effective cloud solutions, Office productivity tools and Power BI business intelligence.

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